Reply To: Pico Brewing


Cool setup. Quick and easy.

I decided to go with an 1800w inductive cookplate and a 2 gallon stainless pot to make a 1 gallon batch. I just finished drinking an Amarillo IPA made this way from extract. Now that’s fast! 2 1/2 hours from sitting down with BeerSmith to putting away the clean pot. Steeped grains, DME and dry yeast make evening brews possible when you’ve got to be back up at 5:30am.

I also have a 2 gallon cooler that I simply used a grain bag in. It worked OK, but overall mashing, sparging, boiling wasn’t much quicker than doing a five gallon batch on my normal system. Bringing to a boil and chilling – you should see the cute little IC I have for the 2 gallon pot – went quicker.

I think what you have is an excellent setup for making competition entries when going for a Ninkasi!
little chill.jpg