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    Part 1:
    Strains condition
    The key to expanding the yeast cultivate is use excellent unicellular bacteria. The bacteria should be evaluated by physiological charastics and performance, then it can be used. Also need to assure in the process of cultivating without pollution and variation. Every residual liquid after expaning should inspect of without pollution and variation.

    Part 2:
    Cultivate temperature
    In the prophase of cultivating, for increase the sire rate and short time, the best temperature is about 25℃。Every time after expanding, the temperature will be lower than before,we need make the yeast to adopt the demands of low temperature fermentation. But the cooling rate can’t too large in order to avoid yeast activity inhibited.

    Part 3:
    Cultivate time
    For shortage yeast grow stagnation and cultivate time,the expand cultivate yeast at every stage, we’d better transplant the yeast at double grow stage. Specifically transplant the yeast before the yeast grow rate become lower. At this time yeast grow rate is high with lower death rate and grow faster after transplant.

    Part 4:
    Ventilation support
    When the yeast transplat to produce site after expland cultivate, we need to notice ventilation support.And with right amount ventilation after add the wort that have 8-10mg/L.

    Part 5:
    Sterilize wort
    Usually use the cooling wort in the produce site. The cooling wort is easy contamination when through the pipe.Especially for distance transport.
    Nutrients and expanding cultivate multiples.
    This need to use rich medium for cultivate the yeast.

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