11/25 (Tuesday) Meeting at Mex Italy

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      Heady Beer

      Please let us know if you are able to make this meeting. It would be nice to let the Mex Italy how many people to expect.

      We are leaving Scotzin Brothers at 6:15 sharp. We are also looking for a few people to volunteer to drive.

      Homebrew is welcome but be prepared to buy your own food and drink.

      Please respond if you are going, and if you want to volunteer to drive.

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      I will be attending but I’ll have to meet you guys in York because I won’t get off work until 6. I’d also like to draw the first set of names/styles for anyone who wants to participate in the brew off. If you can’t make the meeting and still want in, let me know. I’ll be going through the bjcp styles and picking out the ones we can realistically brew in the given time frame. I’m also working on a few simple rules for the competition and will present them at the meeting.

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      I won’t be able to make it since I work until 8pm on Tuesday.

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      I plan on meeting you guys at Scotzins to share a ride there.

      I’m interested in getting this competition rollin’. Thanks Brian.

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      Cale Baker

      I will be attending Tuesday evening and if we need an extra car I can take three.

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      We had a nice turnout last night of around 10 guys.

      Rick toured us around his fine establishment, showcasing his brew system, serving us a nice selection of good brews and watching us drool over the amazing Mexi/Italy food.

      While this was a social event, and a very fun one, [thank you B-Rad for setting it up] we did make some movement with our SoA head-to-head brew competition.

      Since we only plan to have four beers showcased and judged during any given meeting, we drew names and beer styles last night.

      Tim Sopcak vs. Brian Keeney – Roggenbier

      Mike Ross vs. Chris Harvey – Kolsch

      Brian, please let us know of your plans for judging as I cant remember whether we are simply doing a blind tasting, having external judges , judging sheets, etc.

      We plan to allow roughly 8 weeks from this meeting to our first bracket/judging but this may change.

      Please discuss this further during one of the upcoming meetings as I’m unable to attend the event at Matt’s home for the Supermarket challenge brew tasting.

      Have a great Thanksgiving holiday everyone and a Merry Christmas as well if I dont see you all until the new year!

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