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      Heady Beer

      General Club Stuff:

      Next meeting is March 5th at Scotzins Bros (6:30ish). We will be doing the Kölsch taste off and plan a few meetings. Bring your educational ideas for future meetings. We should also start to think about the Lancaster trip since it will warm up at some point in the near future.

      Future meeting location: Aldus Brewing Co. in Hanover. The date in mind was 4-2-15.

      Insurance: We need a rough count of active club members asap. Anyone?

      Attendance: We are going to have a sign in sheet for meetings. We are doing this so we have an idea of active members for insurance purposes. We will also bring back the "what you brought" sign up list. That helped organize the pace of meetings.

      As a club we will need to define an active member. Something simple like attending X number of meetings a year. We will keep this number pretty low so it is not difficult to maintain an active membership status. We also want to make it easy to become an active member again if you skip a year or two.

      Upcoming SOA and general events:

      We need to organize what 6 beers we are bringing to Harrisburg Beer Week. We will probably have to work in groups if there is a lot of interest. I will start a forum thread to organize who is in.

      Speaking of Harrisburg Beer Week, Scotzin Bros is now an official sponcer!

      April 29: Scotzin Bros "home brew 101" 5-7:30. Stop by the shop to show your support for the shop. Tell friends and coworkers who may be interested in learning how to brew.

      May 2nd: Bubes second bottle release- raspberry and brett apple ale

      March 7: Elementary Coffee Company- free beer and coffee tasting. This is located at the Broad St. Market. Brad uses their coffee for Bubes coffee stout.

      ABC beer fest: details are still being finalized by ABC. Club interest will be determined when we know the cost of the event.

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      Looks like I’m going to miss another meeting as I won’t be in PA on the 5th. Missing all of these meetings is driving me nuts! Can’t wait to be able to get back to regular attendance.

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