2/20/20 Social Meeting

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      Social meeting held at Mellow Mink. Members in attendance were Shane, Mick, Tres, Mike R, Brooks, and Steve A. The club met in consecutive weeks to get back on a staggered schedule that coincides with homebrew night hosted by Matt from Mellow Mink. During these events, Matt makes himself available to members of the home brewing community and provides valuable feedback on their beers, and answers any questions they may have. These events begin at 6 and are worth checking out. The next one will be on March 4th. Check it out.

      In other club business, dues in the amount of $50 are required to be paid by April 15th if members are to remain in good standing. These dues fund various club projects and pay for things like equipment and insurance.

      Also discussed were future contests or challenges and getting the club more involved in competitions.

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