25 August 2020 Officers’ Meeting

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      An officers’ meeting was held on August 25th. Present were: Shane, Mick, Tres, Steve.

      Several decisions were approved during this meeting.

      – The club challenge to follow the current challenge (clones) will be Barleywine. Target: Last meeting in December.

      – The club will purchase an off flavor kit to use at one or more educational meetings. Mick has the lead to research sources.

      – For Brews in the Barn, Tres will get a CO2 fill if needed.

      – Prorated Dues: Effective immediately, when a new member joins during the calendar year, his/her dues will be prorated by the number of months (including a full month for the current month) remaining in the year.

      – Meeting Dates and Times: Mick will compile the results of a club survey to present to the officers.

      – T-Shirts: The club will purchase approximately 20 T-Shirts of an alternate design. Each member in good standing will receive one. The rest will be available for purchase and for new members. Steve has the lead.

      – Sponsor? Shane will verify if we no longer get a discount from our sponsor, i.e. that we no longer have a sponsor.

      – Schaylor Brewing field trip. We’ll ask Jeff to re-engage with his friend at Schaylor.

      – Hot Sauce Presentation: We need a volunteer to give a presentation on making fermented hot sauce, before we schedule another hot sauce making event.

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