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      Howdy all,

      Great meeting last Thursday. We really got a lot of planning done!

      First line of business was release of all funds to B-rad for our shirts ($305.00).

      Chef Brian made some banging flank and hobo stew and so we paid the man for his awesomeness (props to Ross the Boss Mustard Sauce as well!). All funds collected that night ($50) went to food. Many thanks for the following donations:

      Fran: $10
      Steve: $10
      Lee: $10
      He-wolf (sounds better and less degrading than she-wolf): $5
      Jim: $5
      Tim: $5
      Some other dude: $5

      Upcoming meeting and events:

      5/8 Educational at Scotzins. Topic: Distilling. The shiners of the group will be demonstrating and answering questions about how to distill. Everyone is to bring a mason jar if they want some. They will be distilling some wine if I recall. Food for this meeting is still undetermined. Please reply to this post if you want to bring something.

      5/10 Brew day bash with Scottie Karate and his trusty sidekick He-wolf (or is Karate He-wolfs sidekick? Food for thought…). Anyway, this isn’t a meeting but still sounds like a good time. I’m sure Scott and Matt will be posting more details.

      5/22 Educational at Jake’s (1231 E. Caracas Ave., Hershey PA 17033). Topic: Growing Hops. We will be discussing growing techniques. I have some two year Magnum, Cascade, and Centennial to show. I also planted Willamette, Galena, and Columbus this year (still waiting for them to sprout). Events will include passing around some one year plant harvest from last year as well as performing a technique I found to estimate alpha acids of hops. I’ll be tapping a Bells brown ale mini keg as well as cracking some 22’s from my secret stash. Food will be smoked BBQ chicken legs (me) and beer chili (B-rad). Feel free to bring your muts to keep mine company. Fire pit for those who want to booze into the night.

      6/5 Social at 0 Mile.



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      Heady Beer

      Brad showing off the keg cleaner.


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      Awww hells yeah. Show it off. Let me know whether I can build a few to make a few bucks on the side.

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      Heady Beer

      The 5/8 meeting has changed to a Skype meeting at Scotzins starting at 7. I assume most will still be there at 6:30. That might be a good idea so we can get a little organized. Email Brad for details if you missed the email chain today.

      I see there is no food planned. Maybe use pizza as a back up unless someone has a better idea.

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      I can bring pizza

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