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      7/16/14 Meeting Minutes (Social w/ Mike Ross)

      1. Donations
      • Collected $57.00 that went to B-rad for Fort Hunter brew festival.

      2. Home Brew Tasting
      • New sign-up sheet + designated time slot to drink and provide feedback on home brews felt like a success. Thanks to Mike Ross for heading this up!

      3. Meeting
      • Filtered vs. non-filtered beers
      o Example was Matt Miller and Cale’s lovely hop delight.
      o Consensus was that non-filtered beer tasted better as well as had more hop flavor.
      o Discussion included possible stripping of hop flavor during filtering (which Matt stated he had not noticed initially).
      • Discussed future meeting ideas:
      o Educational – Updated BJCP guidelines.
      o Educational – 3000 craft beer brewer mark reached (US) – presentation?
      o Social – Iron Hill + The Fridge (late summer). Harvey to handle logistics on this. More to come!

      4. Next Meeting
      • Social + Planning Meeting @ Scotzin Bros w/ a possible brisket by SoA chef Brain.

      Special thanks to Brian for providing some awesome chili and corn bread! Not sure who made the poppers but props as well! Also, thanks to Ross the Boss for being kind enough to let us use his pad for our meeting!

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      Heady Beer

      Thanks for the update Jake!

      We should nail down some dates for the educational ideas and the trip to Lancaster at tomorrows meeting.

      For other educational ideas I think we should invite some commercial brewers to do a small presentation on whatever they want to talk about. I know brad has some people in mind and I can get someone from Tröegs.

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