April 13th 2014: Mac’s Mixed Nut Homebrewfest @ The Brewery

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      Heady Beer

      Of Hershey.

      I believe we expressed interest for this comp at a meeting a while ago. It says there is no limit to how much beer you can bring so I think we should take advantage of this.

      The comp is in early spring so I may make a spring like beer. I was thinking ab a lower(ish) abv ipa or a sweet stout. Not really spring like with the stout but oh well.

      It would also be nice to have our jockey box up and running for this event.

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      I agree, this would be something fun to attend. Mike Ross the boss brought up a great point, how about this jockey box ? We have like $225, I could order a pimp ass one with the shanks etc then all we need is to get a sweet box made around the cooler etc.

      How much beer do we need to enter for the comp? I have some awesome stuff id like to enter a few bottles in ..

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      Heady Beer

      The entry fee is only $10. There is no limit on how much beer you can bring but each entry has to be 5 gallons.

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      Depending on what I can get brewed I may be down. Work has me bent over at the moment.

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      I’m going to be brewing a roggenbier next Tuesday (3-18) that I will try to have ready to send to this event. Unfortunately I work that day so I likely won’t be able to make it there myself.


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      Heady Beer

      I was stuck at work yesterday so I could not make this event.

      How was the event overall?

      What did we pour and how was it received?

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