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      My name is Brian Keeney (some of you may know me as the guy who brewed a 5 gallon batch of RIS with 32 pounds of grain…). In October of 2012, with too much spare time and in need of a hobby, I began brewing with extract. By April of 2013 I made the jump to all grain. I am fascinated with the entire brewing process so I brew as much as I can (and besides that, I’m thirsty and I have thirsty friends). I try to get enough "normal" batches going to give me room to experiment with something over the top. To date there have been more successes than failures so I guess I’m doing something right.
      I’ve also developed a taste for mead so I have been experimenting on and off with that. I got into beekeeping this past summer (another interesting hobby) with limited success. I recently put together a higher end wine kit which I plan on blending with a mead to make a pyment. I have high hopes for that project judging by the taste so far.
      My latest "experiment", I have a saison going right now with yeast, brett, bugs, possibly fruit, anything I can throw at it. I want to brew true to style half the time and push the limits the other half. I look forward to learning from the group and contributing wherever I can.

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