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      I finally decided to add my profile.

      First off I’d like to say Thank You guys for the invite to join, I’m excited to have a group to talk to about brewing and compare beers and experiments. I’m also excited for future events, and hopefully getting more involved with community events and spreading our love of homebrew.

      Now about me, well me and my family own and operate a few restaurants, Davincis Italian eatery towards CV high school, Palumbos pizza in Hampden centre, and Palumbos in downtown Harrisburg (where I no longer work regularly), we have also opened and sold many places over the years. My love for beer started when I used to bar tend. I started with german and belgian beers when i bar tended at range end in dillsburg, then got into american craft beer when I bar tended at kokomos downtown (and other locations). In the early years I started with Sam Adams, and moved onto Magic Hat, Oktoberfest and Fat Angel I Love You, then did the Bourbon Street 100 bottles of beer on the wall, and frequented Market Cross in Carlisle.

      Now to brewing. I guess it started since I was a kid and used to help my dad make wine, we still do every fall, and prob make around 200 gallons a year. I’ve been brewing beer for about 3 1/2 years. I was talking to one of my friends and said I wanted to brew beer. He said my buddy Matt (Matt MIller) is brewing this week, why dont we go up and check it out. So after that I decided to brew a cherry ginger amber spiced Xmas beer, which i used hopped malt extract and soda flavorings, turned out terrible, but I still have the carboy stashed away cause I feel bad to dump it. Then did two beer kits, then started partial mashing my own recipes cause im cheap. And have been brewing terrible beer since haha. Lately which I feel is natural since im in the restaurant business, I’ve been doing a lot of research into beer and food pairing.

      Sorry for it being long, but I may need to use this as a bio for my site haha.

      Favorite styles to drink: Saisons, Pale Ales, Non-Back Sweetened Fruit Lambics
      I also started dabbling in shining and mead making

      I am also starting a website, as a local area hub and social site for local homebrewers and bloggers

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