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      My hunch is that I am the most novice member of this group. However, in my short time brewing and interacting with the homebrew scene, I am confident I am in the right place.

      I started homebrewing with fellow SoA member, Jason Meckley, last year. We had gotten to know each other recently and shared a passion for the consumption of craft beers. I had an idea for a beer I’d love to make/drink and so he invited me to brew with him. Ultimately, that beer didn’t come out the way I had hoped, but nevertheless, I feel in love with the hobby, and I have been actively brewing every since.

      When I am not brewing, I am a freelance writer and a graduate student. I study eighteenth-century Atlantic history, with an emphasis on diplomatic interactions between European empires and Native Americans. Jason typically lets me name our beers, and the results make my love of history apparent. Often recipe ideas will even be inspired by historical brews and methods.

      As someone who is relatively inexperienced, I am very excited to be around others who can help me elevate my craft. Already, Jason and I have dedicated 2014 to being more meticulous and perfecting our methods.

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