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      Hey all,
      This is my second stint at home brewing. I first got into it back in 88 and brewed for five years before family and career put it on hold. Two years ago I started brewing again and kick myself for ever having stopped. I enjoy brewing and drinking a variety of beers; German, English, Belgian, American etc. I primarily brew classic styles as I want to become proficient in these styles before pushing the boundaries. I’m also pretty much a seasonal brewer/drinker ( rarely having a stout in July.) I love the creativity that goes into brewing and I respect and impressed with those who push the limits. At the same time I’m put off a bit by what I describe as "novelty beers" and gimmicks. I still want my beer to be recognizable as beer. But to each their own. It is wonderful to be experiencing the craft beer explosion in the U.S. and to witness the shift away from flavorless fizz that has dominated for too long. And it all started with home brewers like us! I’m very glad to be part of this club as I genuinely enjoy discussing beer and brewing. I look forward to learning from you guys and participating in events together.

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