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      Since I’ve learned so much by brewing recipes that others have been kind enough to post online, I figured it’s about time for me to post one of my own. So I will post it here, anyone is welcome to ask questions, criticize, or comment. One of the reasons I joined the club is to pick up as much knowledge/opinions as I can. I think the more information that is posted here, the more it will enhance what we all gain from the meetings.

      A little background on this recipe: At the recommendation of the gentlemen working at Scotzin Brothers, I purchased a pound of galaxy hops at the end of last summer. I got home and cut the bag open and smelled quite a few IPAs/DIPAs in my future. After a few batches, I figured why not try to pound the square peg through the round hole? I’ll put some of these hops somewhere they probably won’t belong. I have to say, I’m very pleased with the results.

      This recipe is still a work in progress, but I think I have it dialed in pretty close to where I want it. I guess the interesting thing to me about this post is throwing it out there to people who understand the nuts and bolts of brewing before they get a taste of it. In the interest of science, I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is (so to speak). I will be bringing some of this to the next meeting to get some feedback. I look forward to the before and after comments.

      Galaxy oatmeal stout
      5 gallons all grain
      OG: 1.065 to 1.070
      FG: 1.020 to 1.015
      IBUS: 64.6 (if you believe beersmith)
      color 49.4 SRM (If you’re like me and you hate math, it looks like a stout should)

      9 lbs Maris Otter
      .5 lb crystal 60L
      .5 lb black patent
      .5 flaked barley
      1 lb flaked oats
      .5 roasted barley
      1 lb chocolate malt (I like a blend of 50/50 pale chocolate/regular or regular/120L)
      .5 lb crystal 10L

      mash at 154 degrees F for 60 minutes

      60 minute boil
      1 oz galaxy @ 60
      .5 oz galaxy @ 15
      whirlfloc/irish moss @ 15
      .5 oz galaxy @ 5
      .5 oz East Kent Golding @ FO (or willamette, fuggles, whatever "English type" hop you have laying around)

      rehydrated Nottingham dry yeast (It’s neutral, quick, clean, dependable, cheap, no starter required)

      notes: My efficiency is typically 65% percent or less. If for some reason you choose to brew this and your efficiency is better, adjust accordingly.

      Tasting notes: Seems to finish in the 1.018 to 1.020 range, so it leans a little more toward a sweet stout but weighs in around 6.5% abv. Great, creamy head, nice silky smooth body. It reminds me a little bit of those higher end chocolate bars with 85%+ cacao and exotic dried jungle fruits and nuts in there. Decadent in a way. Although a more traditional hop selection would make a respectable beer, I think the galaxy really improved this one and made for a more interesting and complex flavor.
      Let me know what you think,

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      Brian, thanks for sharing your recipe. I’m really looking forward to tasting it. Sounds like a great base for a chocolate stout with tropical hops on top. I also like your split of chocolate malts by 50/50 of light and dark to add some complexity. Everything with the malt bill looks on par to me and sounds like it makes for a delicious stout which I’m eager to try.

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      This is going to be nuts, I know Brain has been talking about this. Cant wait to try it!!!

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