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      Hi All!

      I thought it might be nice to have a section where we could introduce ourselves to the group.

      My name is Matt Miller. Ive been homebrewing for about 5 years now. I enjoy brewing a variety of styles but some of my more specific interests include the brewing of a variety of styles as sessionable beers less than 5% abv. I also enjoy drinking and brewing sour beers. I have a science background and work as a pharmacist.

      For the first few years of brewing I made extract batches. Eventually, I went to all-grain brewing and at the same time invested in some better yeast culturing and temperature control equipment for my fermentations. It was at that time that I feel my beers really improved to something on par with a lot of the craft brews that I had been drinking. I have yet to enter any homebrew competitions, and this will be my first experience with a homebrew club. So far I’ve really enjoyed the meetings I could attend and I’m looking forward to remaining active within the club and participating in club events and competitions.

      If anyone would like to contact me, I’m always up for talking beer and brewing. I can be reached by email at:


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