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      Hello all,

      My name is Jake. Professionally, I’m an Electrical/Control Systems Engineer. I’ve been married for three years and have a daughter who is two. I live in Hershey, PA.

      I’ve been brewing for about three years now (all-grain for two). Since I started brewing I’ve been in an English Ale rut. I mostly brew dark beers, like stouts and porters. To give you a little history, I grew up in a small Irish coal town where Murphy’s on tap flowed like water. Exploring these styles further is where I met craft beer. From there, I’ve turned into quite the beer hunter. My work gets me all over the country and over to Europe every now and then. I just love getting out there, seeing brewing systems, trying the great beers they make, and repeating the whole process in my backyard!

      I have a few BJCP sanctioned medals under my belt, so I feel like I am headed in the right direction. There is only so much we can teach ourselves though! I look forward to the paradigm shift this brew club will bring, as we all offer each other new insight into the wonderful world of craft beer. I truly look forward to geeking out on beer and brewing systems with all of you!



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