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    Sons, yesterday was quite a productive meeting with a nice turnout as well.

      Club News

    We were joined by a special guest, Nate Larsen, of the soon to open Larsen Meadworks in Camp Hill. He plans to open the doors for the weekend of July 10-12th. Please show him strong support as he is making some solid meads, dessert wines and overall interesting beverages. He also is willing to host the Sons for a social event on July 30th. 3617 Gettysburg Road, Camp Hill by Pizza Grille.

    We were also joined by Matt Richmond’s friend Brooks who showed some interest in joining the club.

    We have 3 pairings remaining for the first round of our beer battle brackets being:

    Cale vs. Jake K. – English Mild
    Brian M vs Kristen – Saison
    Fran vs Scott – IPA

    We are hoping to continue with the beer battle at the next meeting which is a social hosted by Matt Miller at his cabin in the Carlisle area.

    Allan was also gifted the club members with 15 cases of wine bottles. Thank you Allan!

      Upcoming Meetings

    July 9th [Thursday] – Social gathering at Matt Miller’s cabin in the Carlisle area.

    July 18th [Saturday] – The Dauphin County BrewFest at Fort Hunter – 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

    Brad stated that he should have tickets for us at the event, we can arrive and begin setup as early as 1:30pm, ice is provided and maybe even an EZ-Up as well.

    We look to be serving 6 beverages so 4 will be on the jockey box while 2 will be using picnic taps. Brad stated that he will have all necessarily dispensing equipment for us.

    Brian K – I believe will be gifting his Margarita Gose but unable to attend until a bit later
    Fran / Brad – I thought that I heard something along the lines of a Belgian Stout
    Matt Miller – Not sure whether I recall hearing but perhaps a Saison
    Matt R. / Scott W. – I believe their Black IPA
    Jeff – Pale ale
    Tim – Witbier

    This is going to be a killer event! Can’t wait!

    July 23rd [Thursday] – Educational meeting at Scotzin Bros. Tim will present the new 2015 BJCP guidelines. We may also then decide the plan for the second and third round beer matchups for the beer battle brackets.

    Brad mentioned a cool idea to pick a random vial of yeast then brew as you wish. We could also either keep with using the remaining styles to be chosen from the 2008 BJCP guidelines or make a decision to use some of the new and/or revised styles from the 2015 guidelines.

    July 25th [Saturday] – Harley Davidson event organized by Brian K.

    Brian K. is planned to serve his Margarita Gose
    Brad – I believe is serving something but unsure whether I heard
    Mike Ross – serving the barrel project RIS

    This will be a great event, with a LOT of exposure according to Brian stating there may be hundreds to thousands of people passing throughout the day. We may need others to donate and serve as we dont want to come-up short handed with beer.

    July 30th [Thursday] – Social gathering at Larsen Meadworks in Camp Hill who graciously invited us to join them shortly after opening their doors. Homebrew is also welcome but I’m sure we will show some nice financial support as Nate’s beverages are delicious.

    August 8th [Saturday] – Social gathering at Aldus Brewing Co. in Hanover who graciously invited us to join them. We are planning to meet at Scotzin’s around 12:45pm then leave at 1pm to get there around 2pm for a fun time.



    Mike Ross
    Matt M
    Matt R
    Brian M
    Brian K

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