Meeting on 9/4

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      I picked up a brisket today which I will be smoking for sandwiches for Thursday’s meeting. It’s not mandatory, but if anyone would like to chip in a few bucks or a side dish to offset the cost, that would be awesome. It’s not cheap to cook for 20 or so people, so any help is greatly appreciated. I just want us to have some good grub and not get tied up in the whole debate over spending club money etc. If you plan to bring a side, let me know, otherwise I’ll try to take care of it.
      My buddy came through with the banner. Actually he made two: one with grommets to hang up and a spare one to maybe hang in front of our table at events. I’m going to try to pick them up before Thursday’s meeting so you can check them out. He didn’t ask for anything in return, but I’m trying to put together a case of beer or something for him. Especially since he went above and beyond what I originally asked of him. Once again, it’s not mandatory, but if you’d like to throw in a bottle or two (whether homebrew or commercial) I’m sure he’d be stoked to get it.
      Looking forward to having a good time Thursday. I’ll see you all then…

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      Heady Beer

      Awesome work Brian! I will throw you some cash and donate some beer.

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