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      Does anyone look at this forum anymore? And if so, do you know what the schedule is for upcoming meetings? Is there a meeting date scheduled for voting for the positions? Is there a date chosen for the supermarket sweep? etc…

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      I believe the next meeting is November 13th to keep with our regular schedule. I’m not sure if there was a solid location laid down yet. I don’t think there’s really any point in voting because there wasn’t any more than one person who stepped forward for each position. It doesn’t make for much of an election if there is only one candidate. Supermarket sweep date wasn’t nailed down yet but it will be sometime around thanksgiving to early December. And yeah I check the forum, it’s on my daily list of things to do while I’m fucking off at work…

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      Heady Beer

      There is not a lot of activity on this board. Email gets the most activity.

      The next meeting is on 11/13/14 at Scotzins. 6:30 ish start time. The focus of the meeting is to plan the upcoming events and meetings. There are a lot of holidays coming up so that should be taken into consideration.

      We need to assign a date for the supermarket sweep judging. Dr. lambic (Matt) might host this event.

      We should also get an update on Jake’s friendsgiving.

      Please bring any educational meeting idea’s. We are due for one. I am interested in revisiting the dry hop experiment. I say we just dry hop some miller lite or something similar. Maybe we can come up with some hop suggestions.

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      I had still planned to educate us on the changes included within the new BJCP 2014 style guidelines. However, I had wanted to wait until they were finalized so that I could speak to the truth rather than a draft.

      Unfortunately, I have no idea as to when they will post the official 2014 guidelines. If agreed upon, I could still educate us on the current drafted guidelines and hold a future educational for any amendments.

      Speaking of educational material, I had really wanted to learn more about the water experiment that Jake had researched and proposed a short while back. I believe that we were holding off for club funding but perhaps we just need to discuss as a group since some positions should soon be officially voted in.

      I still want to execute a Clarity Ferm vs. No Clarity Ferm experiment which is REALLY easy just havent done it. Perhaps an extreme test may be to mash very high and test the effect of Clarity Ferm on split batch of it.

      I would also like to do a cold steep dry hop test of our hop test. I’m not sure how about first test went down but I’m thinking that cold American light lager like PBR or Coors light would be a great test medium for a simulation of dry hopping. Also, either of those two are quite cheap to pull off even a larger batch experiment.

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      I keep hoping that the list email will be used to point people to a conversation here in the forum, but I won’t be holding my breath for that.

      It turns out I have to work tomorrow so I’ll have to miss the meeting, but I hope someone will update the forum and or email list with a list of what the meeting brings up: schedule of other meetings, super market sweep, who has what title, etc…

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