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      Mick S

      With the web site revival, maybe some of the newer members (like me) will post their profiles, and perhaps some of the old guard might update theirs. (Some of you have done a lot since 2014.) So here’s mine.

      I’ve been home brewing all grain for about 10 years. I’ve been lucky enough to have been pretty successful in homebrew comps back in the day, though I haven’t competed for several years now. I enjoy just about every beer style, both brewing and drinking, though I haven’t done anything with Brett. I’ve written a couple of articles for Brew Your Own magazine, and have another in development. I definitely lean toward the technical aspects of brewing, and am the author of the BrewCipher software spreadsheet, and co-author of a white paper on pH and buffering capacity of grains. (Both can be downloaded from the club library.) I’m currently VP and webmaster for the Sons. I’m also recently retired, so I’m available for day trips to beer destinations pretty much any time.


      ---Mick S (aka VikeMan)

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