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      Sometime back around January or February of this year I decided to start brewing some sour beers. I came across a basic brewing radio podcast about adding spaghetti to sour beer to mimic the starches present from a traditional turbid mash. You can read more about it here: … periments/ or listen to the podcast. So I have been getting my feet wet by brewing 10 gallon batches of a simple blonde ale, pitching 5 gallons with saccharomyces to put into regular drinking rotation and souring the other 5 gallons. The potential problem I found was I was creating an ideal wort for the sacc but not enough long chain sugars/starches for the bugs to consume over time. I have 15 gallons of this same basic wort sitting around pitched with various cultures and figured I would give this a try. So I purchased a pound of whole wheat organic angel hair and proceeded to rack a 3 month old sour on top of it (SG 1.000). As I was racking it onto the pasta, my 3 year old son walked into the room.

      "Is that spaghetti?"

      "Yes it is."

      "Why are you putting that in your beer? You’re crazy. That’s not gonna work."

      He was disgusted and he left the room. I began to think that maybe I was crazy. A day or two passed and sure enough, the beer began to krausen again and the airlock started bubbling slowly but surely. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out but I’ll let it ride for a year or so and see what happens. It was just one of those ideas that was too weird to NOT try. So I made a spaghetti beer. Because of the article/podcast, I know of at least one other person out there who has tried it. Anyone else?

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      Very interesting idea. It makes sense, a bit odd but also brilliant. I really hope that it works as you expect and look forward to having the chance to try some whenever it’s ready.

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