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      Hey All, just wanted to let you know we just got in a few sacks of Spelt malt. What is spelt you say?

      "Spelt is a distant genetic relative to wheat, and imparts a dry, tart, and earthy character and aroma. Use up to 40% in the mash. This German-grown malt is Ideal for Saison and Belgian wheat styles. Readers of "Farmhouse Ales" and devotees of Franco-Belgian beers will find this an essential ingredient for making authentic Grisettes and Saisons. There is a bread like nuttiness that no other wheat-related grain can produce. Use it in place of wheat in any Saison/Biere de Garde recipe and reap the rewards."

      This weekend Kristen and I brewed a Spelt IPA with tons of Amarillo and we split the batch to ferment half with Giga-Yeast Belgian Golden Pear and half Brett Brux Trois. Smelled fantastic and nutty coming out of the mash, which I can personally say is something very different from wheat so I recommend you guys check it out!

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