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      Hi, my name is Tim Sopcak and I’m addicted to homebrew.

      I’ve been brewing for 7 years with the past 3 being all-grain. Recently, I’ve began brewing 10 gal batches and plan to split the same wort into two unique beers through the use of different ale/lager yeast strains, spices, etc.

      I’ve worked within the IT healthcare field for the past 6 years and dabble with programming on occasion. My wife and I will be married for 5 years as of this coming May with no human children at this time but instead a Scottish terrier and cat to keep us company.

      I live in midtown Harrisburg near Little Amps where I brew outside on my back porch. I always welcome anyone interested in checking out my setup or hanging out during a brew session.

      I enjoy many German style ales and lagers such as my favorite house selection Munich Dunkel and other such as Schwarzbier, Rauchbier, Dunkelweizen, Hefeweizen, etc.

      Typically, I remain within style guidelines but branch off to make to my desires. To revitalize my interest I often try atypical brews such as lemon basil peppercorn ale, sage gruit, kvass, etc. I’m also a hophead at heart so enjoy me some Pale Ales, IPAs and 2x IPAs. Thanks to Brad’s generous donation of a few ounces of hops a few months ago I made an excellent IPA which provided me confidence that I can brew high quality hoppy beers so long as I don’t try saving money by skimping on hops. With that said, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’m eager to try once it finally gets warmer.

      I have a 4 tap keezer at home which is typically full and often I cant drink through a keg fast enough so help is always welcome.

      Homebrewing has been a creative outlet for me along with a means of increasing my scientific knowledge gained from continuous reading of books, magazines and most importantly discussions with fellow homebrewers.

      I’ve had a blast talking with you all the past few meetings and look forward to continuing to do so and improving the quality of my beer through collaboration and sharing of ideas/knowledge.


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