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      Should the club use donated funds to purchase a custom made jockey box for use at festivals and club events?

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      I missed the meeting. Is there an estimated cost that has been established?

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      Heady Beer

      Does anyone have the estimated cost? The vote is at 100% right now so I think we should organize the cost and move this project forward. This should be a matter of business for the meeting on 2/20/14 (next thurs).

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      Missed the vote, but I’d vote the majority anyway. I want what the club wants! On that note, I think this weeks meeting we should discuss this seriously. B-rad, Lee and I had a chat last week about the base box (crafty wood stuffs to follow) as well as our work shirts. Come to Mecks ready to discuss our first financial move! Current club balance is whatever I posted in the last minutes minus $20 (I forgot we used $20 to pay Daddy Paul for the wings). Off the top of my head, $200ish. See you all Thursday!



Viewing 3 reply threads
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