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      Hello Sons,

      Here is how this will work. Each registered member will be able to vote for 3 items per poll. The votes are anonymous and each member will be able to vote once (for up to 3 items) per poll. Therefore pick your top 3 items and vote. The club currently has 30 registered members so an item will need to receive at least 16 votes to be considered a "majority vote". The club will spend its funds on items that receive a majority vote in the order of most voted item first, and so on until all the items that receive majority vote are funded. Once everyone has voted on this poll we can add the left over items to additional polls in the future. Feel free to ask any questions in this thread.

      Brew on!
      Matt M.

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      Also, just an FYI we are purchasing a jockey box for the club as our first project before any of the above items are funded. This recieved a majority vote at one of the recent meetings.


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      Matt, thanks for setting this up for the club!

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