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      Heady Beer


      Please add any wish list items for club funds in this thread. Below are items that have already been approved so no need to repeat them. Once we have several items listed Matt will create an annomous poll so we can vote on how to spend the money.

      It was already voted that we will move forward with club incorporation and insurance through the AHA club insurance plan. Thank you Brian for the research and taking the lead on the paperwork. Estimated cost is $200 but this protects us from being sued and other important stuff.

      We also voted to buy and build a 6 tap jockey box to bring to beer festivals and other events. Estimated cost is $500 for the nuts and bolts. There was talk about outsourcing someone to do the artwork to display our logo. We are open to ideas for this.

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      I would like to have more club work shirts purchased along with at least name tags. Not sure how much individual name tags may cost though but think it would be nice to identify ourselves to the public when serving at events. Also, along the lines of name tags, we had proposed the idea of club patches that are earned. We haven’t discussed this whatsoever but like the idea, just need to strategize a plan for earning them along with sourcing the unique patches for a decent price.

      I would also like to pursue an off flavors testing kit to help those pursuing BJCP status along with all others interested in identifying the majority of beer flavors.

      Lastly, being that others had mentioned it and because I’m also interested; I would like to pursue a club water testing kit.

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      Heady Beer

      Work shirts is something that will be figured out by the merchandise manager and voted on. At this point, new members may be responsible for the cost of a shirt. Hopefully the merchandise officer can talk about this next meeting and present some options.

      I think club patches and name tags is a great idea. Maybe we can order more shirts and patches at the same time. This is another merchandise officer situation to figure out. Maybe they can research 2-3 options and we can vote on it.

      Here is a good link for our off flavor kit options.

      http://www.lugwrenchbrewing.com/2010/10 … r.html?m=1

      The BJCP one is $50 for 20-30 people. There is a requirement.

      Any active BJCP member holding the rank of Recognized or higher may purchase one off-flavor kit a year for the price of US$50 (shipping included)."

      The water kit was around $100 last time we talked about it.

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      I can order the off flavor kit because I’m bjcp ranked

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      Heady Beer

      I can order the off flavor kit because I’m bjcp ranked[/quote:3u43fdnx]

      Awesome. I think that is our best option. Thanks!

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      We still have a few shirts left. I’m not sure what sizes and whatnot but I believe there are four or five left (they are in the downstairs bathroom at scotzin’s). If I remember correctly we each paid $20 per shirt. I’m not sure if the initial purchase came out of club funds or how we worked that. I believe Brian (not me, the other one) needs a shirt yet and Matt Bucknell if we want to officially welcome them to the club. I’ll check with our motorclothes manager if she’s in tomorrow at work and I may be able to get us a hookup for someone to do the patches and/or sewing. Another thing I’m looking into is tasting glasses. If anyone has the club logo in a simple jpg file can you shoot me an email? Just the little bit I looked around it would be about $160 including "set up" and shipping for a quantity of 36 5.5 oz glasses. That works out to about $4.50 a glass. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any contacts that may be able to help us out.

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      Heady Beer

      Current wish list:

      Water test: $100

      Off flavor kit for 20-30 people: $50

      Tasting glasses with our logo: around $5 a glass. Might need more research for price.

      Patches and name tags for the front of our club work shirts: cost needs to be researched.

      Artwork for tap box: cost needs to be researched.


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