On Saturday, July 17th, 2021, after a long, Covid-19 induced break, the Sons of Alchemy poured our Home Brews (and Hot Sauce Samples) for the public at the Dauphin County Brewfest at Fort Hunter. We had 11 beers on tap and lots of fermented hot sauces.

The festival included peoples’ choice voting. The Sons placed a not too shabby 3rd out of 24 participating breweries and homebrew clubs. We were one of the two clubs participating, the other being our friends from ReHAB.

There was no individual beer competition, but of the Sons’ beers with enough Untappd checkins to get an average, Campfire Beetus (Wilford Brimley approved) won the day with a 4.14 (as of this writing) average. Not far behind were Raspberry Zerbert (chicks dug it) and Kvasstronaut (stoners smiled).

Sons member Mike Ross once again designed creative ways to serve hot sauce samples and (mostly) manned the hot sauce table, with some help from Tres Valentino. Many bottles of hot sauce were distributed and a lot of donations came in.

Dauphin County Brewfest was a great success for the Sons and lots of fun, even during the sideways thunderstorm toward the end. Thanks to Brian Keeney for event coordination, Mike Ross for hot sauce wrangling, Noel Sufrin for creating the table top displays, Justin Stevens for rescuing the waterlogged signage, and everyone for brewing, equipment toting and pouring. Thanks also to Michelle Reed for many of the pictures accompanying this report.

And remember, kids: If you like our beer, ring the bell.