Recently, Sons of Alchemy members Brian Keeney and Brad Moyer, who are also pro brewers at Liquid Noise Brewing Co., joined another pair of Sons members gone pro, Shane Sansone and Steve Anderson at Big Bottom Brewery (Home of Al’s Pizza) in Dillsburg, to craft a Hot Pizza Kvass Ale. This twist on a classic Kvass used fresh Italian bread in place of the traditional rye bread, as well as an addition of red pepper flakes. But why stop there? The boys also prepared a special one night only “Supreme Pie” firkin version, which added fresh basil and shiitake mushrooms to the cask. The firkin was tapped in the evening on Thursday, October 3rd, which happened to coincide with a Sons of Alchemy club meeting at Big Bottom. Gotta love it when a non-planned coincidence comes together! And to the surprise of some, the Supreme Pie Hot Pizza Kvass Ale (you read that correctly) was very tasty!

Pictured left to right at top: Brian Keeney (Liquid Noise), Steve Anderson (Big Bottom), Brad Moyer (Liquid Noise), Shane Sansone (Big Bottom), Bob Szajnuk (owner, Big Bottom Brewery)