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      10/3/19 minutes. Social at Big Bottom Brewery. Members in attendance were Shane, Mick, Tres, Michelle, Jeff, Brian K, Brad, and Steve A. Release of a one off firkin collaboration brew with members Brian K and Brad from Liquid Noise Brewing. The beer was called Hot Pizza Kvass: Supreme Pie, and featured fresh basil and shiitake mushrooms, along with 24 sub rolls baked in house at Big Bottom. The standard version, remains on tap.

      10/17/19 minutes. Club hot sauce making at Steve A’s house. Members in attendance were Shane, Mick, Brad, Brian K, Tres, Michelle, Jeff, Steve A, and we welcomed back one of our founding members, Mike Ross. Many members grew various hot peppers this summer. Through pooling our resources, the club was able to make over 7 gallons of various types of fermented hot sauces, many of which featured fruit. Look for more info in about 6 weeks.

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