4/11/2019 Meeting Minutes

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      Bi-weekly meeting. Members in attendance were Shane, Mick, Brad, Brian, Tres, Eric, and Steve A. This was the second round of the fantasy draft beer challenge; with Shane and Brad pouring their entries. Both were excellent. This was a fun event and deserves being revisited in the future. Items of business discussed were as follows. No movement on Gettysburgurg brew fest. Shane provided organizer with more information. Will wait for a response. Discussed making club fermented hot sauces to supplement funds. Also looking at tasting glasses with sons logo for same purpose. Next meeting, we will be brewing a 5 gallon basic blonde ale. The beer will be fermented as normal and then inoculated at bottling with varying strains of Brett. The results will be tasted next meeting. Then again in 6 months. This should be interesting. Also discussed a beer challenge utilizing non-typical fermentables. Finally, the potential club trip to HomebrewCon was discussed, with several members likely attending. This could lead to pouring during “club night.”

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