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      There were a lot of requests for the recipe for the sauce I serve with my smoked meats. I’m reluctant to share it, but since I made it by chance one night while I was smoking some wings a few years ago, what the hell, I figure I won’t be greedy about it. All measurements are approximate, adjust according to your taste and feel free to take this basic idea and run with it. I don’t really measure anything when I make this so I’ll try to get as close as possible.

      Things you will need:
      2 tbsp butter
      9 oz apricot preserves (or I suppose jelly would work but I kinda like the chunks of fruit)
      1/8 cup worcestershire sauce
      1/8 cup soy sauce
      1/8 cup malt or cider vinegar
      garlic powder
      1/4 cup frank’s red hot
      1/4 cup siracha
      1/2 cup french’s mustard
      1/2 cup combined of other mustards (I’m a bit obsessed with mustard so I tend to have a large variety on hand)
      a few dashes of tobasco
      some chipotle sauce or powder

      The process:
      Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the apricot preserves, worcestershire, soy sauce and a few generous dashes of garlic powder. Cook for a few minutes over medium heat, whisking to combine. After a minute or two when the preserves become syrupy, add all other ingredients except for the honey. Cook for about 10 to 15 minutes over medium heat, whisking to work in the mustard to uniform mixture. This is a good time to taste it on something such as a tortilla chip or hard pretzel piece and make any adjustments (more mustard, more garlic, more siracha etc). Make sure it’s just slightly hotter than you want and then slowly whisk in honey to balance it out and achieve the desired consistency. Total cook time is about a half hour to forty-five minutes. The key is to get a significant amount of heat, but have the apricot and honey smooth it out. Put some on a sandwich and it throws a nice bit of heat on there, drown a dozen wings in it and I guarantee it will make you sweat.
      I hope this helps anyone who is interested in making this sauce. Unfortunately I cook mostly by sight and feel, so it’s hard for me to write down a recipe. I believe this is pretty close but let me know if you try it and think I’m way off (and then I’ll tell you that you must have fucked up…). This is a mustard based sauce so that’s pretty much the main ingredient so don"t be afraid of it. Good luck and enjoy.

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      Thanks Brian! Now I just need to find a chance to give it a shot.

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