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      Sons, here are the notes from our last meeting on April 16th at Scotzin Bros. Please correct anything that is wrong and include anything that I may have missed.

      Club news:

      – Mike Ross stated that while many higher-up have approved the National Homebrew Day event scheduled at Troeg’s on May 2nd, but ultimately it has been nixxed. Thank you for organizing this event for us Mike and it’s very unfortunate that it didn’t work out. Perhaps next year!

      – Mike Ross and/or Cale will reach out to ABC Harrisburg to see whether we could reschedule the same brewing demo event for National Homebrew Day on their outdoor deck on the 2nd floor. We are hoping to learn more soon as we are also having out next meeting [social] at ABC Harrisburg next Thurs, April 30th.

      – Jeff said that the possible collab effort with Susquehanna Art Museum in Midtown Harrisburg is still hopeful but was not brought up during their last meeting. He is hoping to meet with the president soon and discuss this topic. In the meantime, I believe Jeff stated that he would begin planting the rhizomes in buckets in hopes of transplanting them in the near future on site at Susquehanna Art Museum.

      – Brian stated that the Harley Davidson still would like for us to serve homebrews for a social bier garden event [non-charitable] the weekend of July 25th and 26th starting around 11am. They are looking for 5-6 different offerings to be served at the event with hundreds to thousands of people showing throughout the day(s). We also have the opportunity to host a brewing demo during this event.

      The first thing that we must come to an agreement on is whether we as a club would like to server Sat, Sun or both Sat and Sun. The biggest issue with Sunday is lesser turnout while the issue having it both days is the required quantity of beer to be brewed and donated.

      Matt, could you please post a poll on the forum for club members to vote upon.

      Upcoming events:

      – April 30th [Social meeting at ABC Harrisburg] – Can someone please takes meeting minutes in my absence?

      – May 2nd [National Homebrew Day] – Mentioned above hoping that Mike Ross and/or Cale will be able to reschedule this event to be hosted at ABC Harrisburg.


      – Jake stated that we ave $362 in club funds as of the end of this meeting.

      Attendance: [16]
      Jake H
      Jake K
      Brian K
      Mike Ross
      Matt Miller
      Matt Richmond
      Matt Bucknell
      Chris Harvey

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