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      Sons, here are the notes from our last meeting on April 2nd at Scotzin Bros. Please correct anything that is wrong and include anything that I may have missed.


      – Chris Harvey’s friend Mike spoke with us and shared a few beers that he is planning to brew/serve at his nano brewery. They were an American Pale ale, Oatmeal Stout and I believe a Belgian Tripel. We provided some feedback with which he was very appreciative.

      – The jockey box has been delivered and assembled. It is the 4 tap SS cooler system as there were a few issues with being able to install a 6 tap system in the desired unit. Thank you Fran and Cale for assembling the jockey box for the club. It looks badass! Also, Kristen has a 2 tap jockey box which she plans on bringing along to the Battle of the Homebrew Clubs event on April 26th.

      – Congratulations to Cale for his new gig as Assistant Brewmaster at ABC Harrisburg!

      – Congratulations to Kristen for her new gig as Brewmaster for Crave and Co. in downtown Harrisburg. They are still petitioning for the right to brew within the current establishment. I’m not privy of all the details but we wish her the best in this adventure hoping that everything moves forward.

      – Mike Ross has organized a club event at Troeg’s for the National homebrew day. Additional details are noted below in the upcoming events section. My notes also state that there will be 40% off of beer purchased from Troegs during the event and that they will provide some samples and popcorn. Please consider carpooling and organize among yourselves. I believe this will be the first event in which we will display our new club jockey box!

      – Final round of Penn Live beer brackets Fri, April 10th at Federal Taphouse.

      Upcoming events:

      – April 16th [Educational meeting at Scotzin Bros.] – Tasting and judging of Scotch ale and American Brown ale entries for the club brew tournament. Matt Miller will also educate us on yeast counting.

      – April 30th [Social meeting at ABC Harrisburg] – Mike Ross confirmed the date/time with ABC to host us. Cale, perhaps as you gain comfort with your new job at ABC [congratulations again] you may be able to either personally guide a tour for the club or make a special request to do so on our behalf. This is very early on so please enjoy your new gig as we look forward to hearing all about it!

      – May 2nd [Saturday at Troegs] – per Mike Ross, "Big Brew 2015 is an AHA event that celebrates nation homebrew day which is Saturday May 2. Our club and Scotzin Bros will sponsor the event and Troegs will host the event. We are treating this as a homebrew demo day so invite your interested friends. We will start around 9:30 and Troegs opens at 11. That way we can strike in when they open. We have the ability to serve three homebrews so we need volunteers. Troegs might supply beer and light snacks. I will have the final details for this event this week."

      Unsure of current funds but Brad stated that the 4 tap SS jockey box cost around $600 and Jeff collected $100 from this past meeting.

      Club news:

      – Jeff proposed a relationship with the Susquehanna Art Museum in midtown Harrisburg for the club which is to grown, maintain and harvest hops and hopefully even do a wet hop club brew which may even be developed into an invite for the public or at least for the club. We are looking for volunteers to help plant, maintain and later harvest the hops. This will most likely require 2 events during the year for planting and harvesting along with adequate maintenance throughout. Scotzin Bros. will donate the rhizomes to be planted. Steve and Jeff had already began discussion of building of trellis system to be installed.

      – Jeff is working on organizing an event at Thistle Fitch in Lancaster for a club social gathering. They are both a brewery and distillery which allows for homebrew samples to be shared among club members, on the distillery side.

      – Brian Keeney stated that the Harley shop that he works at would like to host a beer garden event in the coming months. He will work continue discussions.

      – Chris Harvey stated that the YAHA [York Area Homebrewers Association] would like to have a social event in the coming months for a picnic somewhere between York and Harrisburg to enjoy beverages and build community.

      Attendance: [16]
      Jake H
      Brian K
      Brian M
      Mike Ross
      Matt Miller
      Matt Richmond
      Chris Harvey
      Jason aka J
      Scott Wilson

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